7StarHandbags.com - How Can You Tell If You've Found The Best Replica Handbag Online Store?

Replica handbags, such as the ones listed on 7StarHandbags, have been getting a lot of praise recently because they are high quality products affordable to anyone, tailored after the exact specifications of the originals and crafted using the same materials and manufacturing processes - in other words you get an item that is as close to the original as possible but at a much lower price: how many times have you wished to be in the possession of a beautiful Louis Vuitton handbag but the price tag just made you turn away from this thought? If you're browsing through the online stores specialized in selling replica handbags such as 7StarHandbags.com or Touch Bags, I bet you're asking yourself which of them provides the best shopping experience? Well, the answer can be found by comparing the two - 7StarHandbags and Touch Bags are among the leaders of online replica fashion so let's see which one offers the best services - both Touch Bags and 7StarHandbags.com have years of experience behind them but certain differences should make one of them stand out.

7StarHandbags Range Of Products

7StarHandbags.com has an impressive collection of alphabetically arranged replica handbags, so it can take you quite a while to browse the website and find what you're looking for, but after taking your time to look around you'll be rewarded with a quality product that will surely satisfy you. But in comparison to what Touch Bags has to offer to its clients 7StarHandbags just falls short because Touch Bags has a much larger variety of products that you can choose from - besides replica handbags you can also find high quality replica watches, jewelry, luxury pens, and more. Everything is sorted into categories and the design and layout of the page make it very easy for you to navigate through the website so you can find what you are looking for with just a few clicks. Both stores offer a diversified product assortment but Touch Bags gets the credit here for covering a wider range.

7 Star Handbags Customer Support

Reliable customer support is the key to making a business stand out, and it goes both ways, because a happy customer is a returning customer, but still many online stores are lacking in this department unfortunately and sometimes it can be a real nuisance to get hold of someone from customer support when you need them. 7starHandbags.com is no exception to this - you can either fill a form and wait for an undetermined period of time for a response or you can try to contact them through a skype-style app, but it can be rather difficult to get an answer shortly. Unlike 7starHandbags service, Touch Bags has an active customer support that can be reached by email or by phone from Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 12 AM (EST), and their response to your demands or questions is surprisingly quick. So, compared to Touch Bags, 7 Star Handbags is a little lacking when it comes to reliable customer assistance.