7 Star Handbags - Which Handbag Replica WebStore Is The Best For You?

If you're visiting this website then you're probably looking to buy quality imitation handbags from a webstore that offers reliable services and has good customer support. But which website has the widest range of products and offers the best prices? This article will compare two of the best online retailers of handbag replicas - 7 Star Handbags and Touch Bags - so that you can decide on which one it would be wiser to purchase from. They both provide products that are high-quality imitations of the finest manufacturers such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci but offering good merchandise to its clients is not the only thing that makes a great store - customer support and how orders are handled are just as important, and they are the key to making a client happy, so which of the two - 7 Star Handbags or Touch Bags will prove to offer better services?

7StarHandbags Site Navigation And Layout

Every website that sells a large number of products needs to have everything sorted out in a way that makes it easy for the clients to browse through and it helps them find anything with just a few clicks. When it comes to arranging and categorizing products 7 Star Handbags falls a little behind Touch Bags, the replica fashion industry leader. The main difference is that the first website displays a large number of products per page and all of them are sorted out alphabetically, so it may take a while to find something, and then find it again, if required, while the second website, although it offers a larger range of products, not only handbags, can have its products arranged either by category or by manufacturer, making it easy to browse until you've found your targeted item.

7 Star Handbags Customer Feedback

The next thing that matters on the list of features that make a great online replica handbag store is how customers are treated, so let's see which has the best customer service & feedback - 7 Star Handbags or Touch Bags? Well, the first thing that comes to attention is that 7StarHandbags.com only offers the option of filling out a simple form on their contact page while Touch Bags also lists several phone numbers at which they can be contacted daily, besides the form that they too have, followed by a list of emails at which you can write to them. So since Touch Bags lists more contact options than 7StarHandbags, it is declared a winner of the customer feedback section.